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Your current accounting got you this far

But it may not take you where you want to go next.

To make money in the restaurant business you need clear, timely, and relevant financial information to be confident about making good decisions at the critical moments.

The fact is, most restaurants don’t have the data they need, or don’t understand how to use it to make the best decisions.

Restaurants need to consistently hit 10%
(or more) in profit to be successful.

At Matthew Accounting we believe you shouldn’t have to guess or rely on gut feelings. Your financial reports should be useful and actionable in ways that help you grow your business - not just be another burdensome task to get done.

We help restaurant owners and operators gain a better understanding of their:

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    Labor Costs

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    Food Costs

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    Overhead Costs

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So you can take the correct actions to increase profits!

Our biggest challenge was controlling our food and payroll costs. We were not armed with the right data to run our business and this made us feel like we were vulnerable.

We now have consistent numbers, produced monthly, so we can tangibly evaluate our performance.

Travis Stoliker
Co-Owner - Saddleback BBQ

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    Plan of Action

    Get to know you and create a plan: We will present a plan to get you organized, streamline your bookkeeping and tax systems, and set you up for long-term success.

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    Build Foundations

    Get compliant, get organized, get setup: If you are new we will get you set up and organized. If you are behind we will get you caught up and compliant.

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    Move Your Business Forward

    Ongoing insight and analysis: Monthly bookkeeping, payroll, and annual taxes. Meet regularly to review goals, plan for taxes, and amplify your profits.

About Us

We’re a boutique firm based in Lansing, MI that specializes in helping restaurants and other small business owners become more successful.

We support 70+ businesses on a monthly basis, and we’ve helped hundreds over the years.

We help businesses like yours get a handle on their accounting, payroll, and tax, by providing advice so they don’t lie awake and night wondering about profitability, or if they missed something on their taxes.

CPA | MI Restaurant Assoc. | QBO Certified | MICPA

Focus on running your business and leading your team.

Let us help you with the accounting and financial analysis.

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    We pay attention to your financials.

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    We watch for red flags and opportunities.

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    We have industry knowledge to help you make good decisions.

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    We’ll take the accounting tasks off your plate.

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    We’ll ensure you get clear, timely, and relevant data reports.

We truly care about the success of your business