Our Process

Onboading & Ongoing Services

We have a clear and established process that helps ensure a good working relationship with our clients, and long-term success for the financials of their business.

What It Looks Like to Work With Us

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    Proposal & Discovery

Our first step is to get to know your business and understand the current status of your bookkeeping and taxes so we can put together a proposal with the right scope for what you need.

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    First 30 Days

The first 30 to 60 days are focused on organizing your financial data and setting your business on a solid accounting foundation for the future.

Our experienced professionals will help you create the system to ensure every transaction, whether it’s a sale or a payroll entry, is captured accurately and organized meticulously. Bills are settled on time, and payrolls are managed with unmatched precision.

Here are some of the things that typically happen during this initial phase:

  • Client onboarding and process training
  • Verify and clean up books
  • Connect bank accounts
  • Design your financial reports
  • Develop KPIs
  • Customize and train you on the tech stack

In most cases onboarding is a 30 to 60 day process, in a few cases less and a few take longer.

Learn more about our onboarding process.

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    Ongoing Services

After the initial phase, we move into regular, ongoing services for our clients. We will establish a consistent cadence of reporting, meeting, and planning based on your service level.

  • Transparent Monthly Reporting: Receive clear, concise, and informative monthly financial reports. By the 15th of each month, a snapshot of your business’s financial health is ready, allowing you to make informed decisions.
  • Assuring Compliance All Year Round: Leveraging our deep expertise as accountants and our nuanced understanding of your business we meticulously monitor all tax filing requirements. Through detailed preparation and timely filings, you can trust every facet is in expert hands.
  • Strategic Expert Advice: Our team, comprised of industry experts, provides tailored tax planning strategies and invaluable operational insights. Regular consultative sessions ensure we’re aligned with your business goals, tailoring strategies to your unique landscape.
  • Stay Connected, Always: Communication is the lifeblood of our partnership. Expect consistent and transparent updates as we manage the financial pulse of your business.

Learn more about our Proven Process.

We don’t just crunch numbers

With a rich legacy in serving the restaurant industry, our team blends contemporary financial expertise with deep-rooted industry knowledge. Together, we strive to elevate every client’s financial trajectory. Let’s collaborate and make success a shared journey.

Let’s talk and see if Matthew Accounting is the right fit for you.

With Matthew Accounting’s help, we have been able to work on understanding the reasons for the numbers being where they are.

This gives me a more in-depth understanding of my business and I can focus on areas where we can improve, i.e. food cost, which seems like it would be obvious all the time, but to see it on paper is much more telling and helpful.

Michael Krueger
Owner – Crunchy’s