Ideal Clients

Who We Love to Work With

There are many qualified accounting firms in the world, and we are not the right fit for every business. See below for some characteristics of businesses that we are confident we can help.

We specialize in working with restaurants (e.g. a local diner, an upscale bistro, or a chain of themed eateries), but we also work with other small businesses that offer specialized services and fit our tailored accounting model. We take on a few select individuals per year for individual tax work who align with our business and service expertise.

We typically work with small to medium-sized (between $1M and $6M in annual revenue) establishments looking to scale and grow. Businesses with a clear growth trajectory or the ambition to expand.

While we are equipped to handle remote clients nationwide, the majority of our client’s businesses are located in Michigan.

Who We Don't Work With

We generally don’t work with large corporations, construction or manufacturing clients. Clients that just need a bookkeeper or other limited service, or need a short-term engagement (we help our clients focus on the long-term). Clients that are locked into outdated tech and are unwilling or unable to upgrade.